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Subtle Balance
Intuitive Coaching & Wellbeing
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I'm happy that you've found me! 

You're in the right place if you want to receive gentle guidance, tools & encouragement through the twists & turns and ups & downs of life. 

I'm here to empower you to listen to and trust yourself, to be more present, to discover & understand what makes you, uniquely you.

xoxo Kate Parkere

My Story

I'm a Coach, Tarot Reader, Chakradance Facilitator, Essence Practitioner & Soul Plan Reader.  I completed a Level 5 Professional Coaching Apprenticeship (EMCC accredited),  I completed my essence training with Essentially Flowers & Findhorn Essences. For Soul Plan readings, I received training from Anita Marshall.  I became a Licensed chakradance(TM) facilitator in 2021.  I'm a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and I am a TABI Endorsed Free Tarot Reader having completed their mentoring programme.   I'm also a contributor to the beautiful Earth Pathways Diary.

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As a professional Coach, I offer bespoke coaching sessions to support you through the big & the small stuff in life.  Helping you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.  Giving you time & space to think about what you really want from your life.  Facilitating you through changes & challenges.  Coaching also filters through into my work with essences, chakradance & intuitive readings.  The best way to get more info about coaching & the range of services I provide is to join my mailing list.

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Wellbeing Essences

Flower & vibrational essence combos - unique to you. Online consultations also available - visit my Shop contact me for more info or join my mailing list.

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Chakradance (TM)

A truly wonderful, creative & transformational way to connect with the wisdom of your body through movement, meditation, mantra, music & art.  Begin your chakradance journey by joining my mailing list  & receive free chakradance resources & find out about my online courses & coaching packages.

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Intuitive Readings

Gain insights, guidance, encouragement & empowerment.  Tarot, Oracle, Findhorn Flowers & Soul Plan readings available.  For more info, contact me or join my mailing list.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the reading you provided. Your insights and guidance have been enlightening and invaluable. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and light with me.
I know the solution is to let go, no matter how difficult it may be. Thank you so much for your kindness, grateful to have heard your words.

Kate’s coaching came at the most timely point in my life, I was at such a career dead end and struggling to get myself geared up to get out of the rut. I was on the edge of burnout and ended up having a mental health breakdown and some time off work.
It was quite emotional at times, I hadn’t realised how low I was – but I also hadn’t realised how much potential I was sitting on. Kate didn’t invent that for me, she just helped me see it for myself. Her careful prompts and thoughtful reflections empowered me to figure out what help I needed and ask for it – which included staying in touch with her longer than we first thought, and having someone hold me accountable but in a supportive way.
Since working with Kate, I made a brave decision about my working situation which has since opened up even more doors – once I started choosing myself, my life has improved across the board. Kate’s coaching and non-judgemental encouragement gave me the boost I needed and I’m so grateful to her.
Coaching helped me in many ways, from visualisations to help with anxiety and nerves and starting to think about my future and career path.    It was helpful to take actions and goals from each monthly meeting, implement them and then come back and discuss them. This helped the journey feel manageable and not overwhelming despite the tremendous growth achieved.  Coaching has helped me to see the bigger picture, i.e. my work life in relation to the rest of my life and the current stage of my career in relation to my overall career journey

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