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Subtle Balance
Intuitive Coaching & Wellbeing
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I'm so happy that you've found me! 

You're in the right place if you want to receive gentle guidance, tools & encouragement through the twists & turns and ups & downs of life. 

I'm here to empower you to listen to and trust yourself, to be more present, to discover & understand what makes you, uniquely you.

xoxo Kate Parkere

My Story

I'm a Coach, Chakradance Facilitator, Essence Practitioner & Soul Plan Reader.  I completed a Level 5 Professional Coaching Apprenticeship with BPP/Grant Thornton,  I completed my essence training with Essentially Flowers & Findhorn Essences. For Soul Plan readings, I received training from Anita Marshall.  I became a Licensed chakradance(TM) facilitator in 2021.  I'm currently being mentored to become a Free Tarot Reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI).  I'm also a contributor to the beautiful Earth Pathways Diary.

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As a professional Coach, I offer bespoke coaching sessions to support you through the big & the small stuff in life.  Helping you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.  Giving you time & space to think about what you really want from your life.  Facilitating you through changes & challenges.  Coaching also filters through into my work with essences, chakradance & intuitive readings.  The best way to get more info about coaching & the services I provide is to join my sacred circle mailing list.

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Wellbeing Essences

Flower & vibrational essence combos - unique to you. Online consultations also available - visit my Shop contact me  for more info or join my sacred circle mailing list.

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Chakradance (TM)

A truly wonderful, creative & transformational way to connect with the wisdom of your body through movement, meditation, mantra, music & art.  Begin your chakradance journey by joining my sacred circle  & receive free chakradance resources & find out about my online courses & coaching packages.

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Intuitive Readings

Gain insights, guidance, encouragement & empowerment.  Tarot, Oracle, Findhorn Flowers & Soul Plan readings available.  For more info, contact me or join my sacred circle mailing list.


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