I love learning and online learning has been a huge part of my life over the last couple of years and remains an important part of my journey.  I currently have one e-course available but hope to add more soon!

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Reboot Your Base Chakra - 10 day journey

I’m excited to share with you an e-course that I’m going to be facilitating that is all about balancing the base chakra. It’s called Reboot your Base Chakra. Feedback we have had from people who have done this course has been so wonderful. Many shared that after doing the course they felt so much more connected to their physical bodies. Many of them had a lot more energy, a lot more physical energy than they normally do. For some, it shifted their whole relationship around their diet and the food they have. Most people found that there was a change in the nature of their relationship with their bodies. So, I’m now wanting to run this course, in the hope that it can help you too. 


It runs over ten days, and you can fit it in to the times that suit you. A lot of the practices that you’ll be learning throughout the course are practices that you’ll start to weave into your daily life.  I’ll be guiding you with a series of videos throughout the ten days.  I’ll be present to support you and give you any guidance and tips that I can. So, if you feel called to balance your base chakra, I would love for you to join me on this e-course.


To join the waitlist, and be notified of the next start date of the course, please click this link to register your interest.