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Being Kind

In my opinion, kindness is vastly under-rated and yet what a difference it makes and what a different world we would live in if we were first of all kind to ourselves and then radiated that kindness out to others and to the planet. When I think about difficult experiences in my life and challenging circumstances, I realise how my experience would have been changed if I brought in the gentle opening of kindness instead of being my harshest critic!

I'd like to share an email that I received today from Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, the founder of Woman Unleashed, because her words really struck a chord with me & they deserve to be shared.

"Aunty Pilahi Paki known as “The Keeper of the Secrets of Hawaii” said, [One day] the World will search for Peace and they’ll look to Hawai’i because Hawai’i has the key.

That key is ALOHA.

ALOHA can be translated as hello, good-bye, love… but it is really a way of being with yourself and others.

One piece of ALOHA is Akahai.

Akahai translates as kindness.

To ourselves, to others, to the land and those around us.

Kindness as an offering.

Kindness softens the heart.

It opens possibilities.

It opens a connection with Spirit.

It makes space for exploration.

When we’re not kind,

We’re mean.

With ourselves,

Our loved ones,




Meanness causes separation, isolation, loneliness,

It invites worry, judgment, comparison,

It eats up our energy.

It devours us from within.

It keeps you from feeling GOOD.

It keeps you from feeling HAPPY.

It keeps you from feeling LOVING.

It keeps you from CREATING.

It keeps you from taking ACTION.

Here’s why I’m sharing this…

I know you have area(s) you’re mean to yourself.

Maybe it’s your weight,

Not having a partner and wondering what’s wrong with you,

Maybe it’s not having close girlfriends,

Not having your retirement set up,

Judging yourself for not wanting to have sex,

Judging yourself for wanting too much sex,

Not doing your daily practice,

Not following your intuition and Spirit,

Not doing the things you promised you would,

Or, like me, maybe you tell yourself you should be doing a better job as a mom.

It hurts.

Today we’re inviting you into the medicine of ALOHA,

Into Akahai.

Kindness as an offering.

Kindness to yourself.

Kindness to fill up."

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