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How Spinach 'the uncomplicator' flower essence helped me become an Earth Pathways Contributor!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I'm thrilled to be a contributor to the Earth Pathways calendar 2022. I know that they get

loads of submissions for the diary and calendar so the fact that my writing has been chosen

to be featured alongside a beautiful image in the calendar for 2022 is just fantastic. I'm

really, really proud of myself and really chuffed.

I have Spinach flower essence to thank for giving me a nudge and a flash of inspiration. When I was part way through the Essentially Flowers Diploma and taking Spinach essence several times a day, I was guided to submit some of my writing for consideration for inclusion in the Earth Pathways diary.

Spinach flower essence, known as The Uncomplicator, is from the Spirit-in-Nature range (the oldest producers of essences outside the UK, having been established in 1977) and is all about simplicity. So when I was taking spinach essence, it was probably a week before the submission deadline for the diary when I just 'knew' without doubt which of my writings

to submit. It was very simple to select some of my journal writings from my Star of Gaia Priestess Process. It reminded me of the power of Spinach to make things as simple and uncomplicated as possible and just do it!

For more info about Spirit-in-Nature essences go to

UK customers can buy the range from

2022 Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar can now be purchased at

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