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I Love Who I Am this Valentine's Day & every day!

Sexy & Gorgeous is a special essence combination created by Saskia Marjoram to help with low self-worth, body image issues and lack of self-confidence. It's an essence for loving and being loved, whether you are in a relationship or not, the closest relationship you have is with yourself. Loving yourself first is essential to be able to have healthy, loving relationships with others.

The essences in this combination are about loving who you are - all the bits - because they make you, you. There is no one else on earth just like you .. it's an essence for helping you clear guilt and shame which are such painful and damaging feelings and make us feel that we don't deserve love, when we do.

It's an essence to encourage us to radiate our own sunshine and joy, to express our uniqueness. It's also about supporting us to be present in our body and recognise and honour the sacred vessel, our divine temple that enables us to experience life in all its shades.

Why not try these little drops of light as you affirm 'I love who I am'? Perfect with chocolates & sparkly wine! You can even add essences to your bath water or body lotion for a pampering treat.

Sexy and Gorgeous | Flower Essence for Self Confidence | Saskia's Flower Essences (

Use code DAISY to receive 10% off at the above link and if you'd like your order sent to a friend or loved one by St Valentine's Day, ensure you order by 11 Feb 22.

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