• Kate Parker

Messages from the Flowers

There's so much wisdom in nature.

Every flower, tree and plant has a unique signature or vibration.

As unique as you.

A bespoke & unique 5 card reading with the Findhorn Flower Essence Attunement cards helps you to explore:

  • Your core issue or belief (the seed) - the one that's perhaps having the most impact on you at the moment.

  • How this belief plays out in your life (the sprout) & how you consciously know the impact it has.

  • You also gain insight and guidance from the flowers on what you don't know, what is hidden in your unconscious (the growth), that needs bringing into the light of your awareness.

  • The stem shows how the core issue along with your conscious awareness and what's hidden in the unconscious dance in the present moment;

  • and most importantly what you can do now to move towards your future (flower) - your flowering potential.

Why not treat yourself to your own flower attunement reading and see what messages the flowers have for you? These readings are currently just £8.88 in my SubtleBalance Etsy shop for a limited time.

You can even have your own bespoke Findhorn essence made from the essences in your reading: Findhorn Essence Combination

You can also purchase your own set of flower attunement cards & see Iona Leigh in action via the YouTube link:

Kathryn Parker is a Findhorn Essence Practitioner offering a variety of products & services to support your wellbeing & Subtle Balance:

Go to for a free guide to Bach essences & a free chakradance e-kit.

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