• Kate Parker

Power of the Flower

Crystal Herbs have a beautiful selection of flower and vibrational essences and I love their new power of the flower labels!

I think these new labels help us to connect with the energy of the flower. We might be drawn to a certain colour or shape of flower sometimes more than the name of it or the positive quality it imbues. On a dull, grey day or if I feel a bit low, I'll often select Gorse for hope but also because it's sunshine yellow colour literally brings more of that sunlight into my energy system.

I also love that you can choose a set of 10 essences - this is what inspired me to create my Getting Started with Bach essences free pdf guide - because having a small set of essences is a manageable and affordable place to start with using essences in your everyday life.

The REVIVAL REMEDY set is also a great place to start if you don't want to commit to 10 essences. This is the Crystal Herbs version of Rescue Remedy.

Click here for more info about Crystal Herbs and their super new labels!

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