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The World Needs Our Creative Spirit - virtual Hawaiian retreat 26-27 March 2022

Click here to sign-up to this special once yearly virtual event.

When I discovered Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, Founder of Woman Unleashed, I was drawn to signing up to a free event she ran because I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii after years of being fascinated by the Huna wisdom of Hawaii and even an online event felt like a connection to the beautiful places I had explored. There's a lot of painting in Amber's retreats but you don't need to paint to take part. The first times I joined her retreat all I had were colouring pencils and small pads of paper, but I still created and ... it's not just about painting. This time round I am investing in a small art kit with an 8 x 10 canvas.

As I said, it's not just about painting.... It's about tuning into your creativity in whatever way works best for you. Truly it's worth signing up to one of these retreats just to be inspired by Amber herself. There is a real magic about her - maybe it's living on the Big Island of Hawaii - I don't know but she definitely carries this magical light which you hope will rub off on you a bit!

It's a virtual event taking place on Sat 26 and Sun 27 March 2022 and is (as of 28-Feb) only $88 USD. The clocks go forward an hour in the UK during the event, but you have access to the replays forever! One of my friends who lives in New Zealand couldn't attend live because of the time difference and she just took her time going through the replays bit by bit until she'd created her gorgeous creative spirit painting.

On the retreat you will:

>(RE)AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT so you find your unique self-expression

> CONNECT TO SPIRIT so you let go and trust something bigger is holding you, connecting you to a sense of purpose

> ALIGN WITH FLOW so ideas come more easily and you spot opportunities you wouldn’t have seen otherwise

> Find others on the sacred creative path so you find a place you BELONG

> Develop FAITH and feel PEACE because you’re working with Spirit instead of doing it on your own

The world needs our creative spirit.

If you haven't heard of Woman Unleashed before, their mission is:

Together, imagine the ripple we can create, inspiring women in our communities — and women around the world — to connect to their Creative Spirits!

Sign up now - click here!

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