Flower & Vibrational Essences

Keeping your energy balanced, naturally.

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What are flower essences

& what do they do?

What are flower essences?

Flower & vibrational essences are a gentle and safe way of nurturing our subtle, energetic wellbeing through their treatment of emotional challenges and imbalances.  The alchemy of sunlight or moonlight infuses water with the unique, high vibration, structure and positive qualities of flowers, gems, and environments.

Essences are an effective, non-toxic and gentle way for people of all ages to support their emotional wellbeing through the balancing of their energy system (chakras, meridians, aura) with the healing power of nature. 

What do essences do?

​In my experience, taken over a sustained period of time (either by ingesting drops or using topically), essences can help us understand ourselves more and become more of who we are meant to be, to be our allies in enabling us to express our uniqueness to the world instead of fitting in or hiding away.  Flower essences help us to awaken our consciousness.  They have been described as liquid light.  They can be catalysts for emotional healing by encouraging awareness of our whole self, nurturing the positive and transforming the negative.   Essences do not treat physical conditions or symptoms.

I love this description from Ian White, creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences:

Essences 'act as catalysts to help resolve a vast range of negative emotional states ... they heal by helping to bring a person into emotional, spiritual and mental harmony ... when emotional balance is restored, true healing occurs' 

How long have essences been in use?

​Flower essences in some form have been used since ancient times but it is Dr Bach who re-discovered their magic in more recent times.  Now there are many different essence producers and thousands of different essences to choose from.   There are flowers, gems, environmental essences and more all indicated for a multitude of reasons so it can be quite overwhelming so it’s helpful to have the support of a qualified practitioner to support you!

My experiences of using flower essences to support my wellbeing:

  • Essences help me to feel more empowered and increase my self-belief, self-appreciation and self-care.  They help me to recognise that all the ‘bad’ and ‘difficult’ stuff I have been through in life has made me the unique person I am and that I have the power to grow and learn from this and let it go rather than letting it pull me down.

  • Essences continue to support me as I work through and release a lot of my root, sacral and solar plexus challenges.  I am more grounded when I take essences and more aware of how important it is to keep a balance throughout my energy system.  I feel empowered because I can see how ancestral and family patterns have translated into negative self-beliefs and thoughts and that I have the power to release these and transform them.  I understand myself more and what I need to feel well and I have the tools to shape the next phase of my life in a positive way.

  • Before I started taking essences regularly, I always felt more comfortable in the ‘higher’ chakras and I often felt ungrounded, scattered and overwhelmed.  I also felt unsure of my next steps and how to move forward in my life.  Essences help me to see the beauty of what is often thought of as the ‘lower’ chakras.  I now have a deeper more loving connection with my root, sacral and solar plexus chakra and I understand how important it is to have a solid, secure foundation in order to be able to ground my ideas and visions into reality.  I feel that the liquid and ethereal nature of essences has actually helped me connect more with my physical self.  I can sense how all the parts of me have equal value and there is a greater feeling of balance between my physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Are you interested in how essences might help you too?